What do you need to know to build a house?

Most often, before starting to build a house, the person does not know where to start and how much it will cost. We will try to briefly describe what is most important in house building process.

The budget

This is a crucial issue to be tackled in order to build a house. If you have savings and do not plan on applying for a mortgage loan, the construction becomes very straightforward. It’s easy then to calculate: the price of land plot plus the cost of a house should be ≥1000 per one square meter, based on the total floor area of ​​the house. This would be the price for houses with a floor area of ​​80 to 120 square metres. For larger houses, the prices can start even from as low as 800 EUR per square metre. If you are planning to build a house with the help of a bank, we recommend you purchasing a land plot with your own funds as that will greatly facilitate construction of the house. Very often people are stuck with the construction process because of the lack of personal funds for land. We give these prices, having in mind timber frame houses of the energy class A or brick houses of the energy class B. This price is calculated for the complete turn-key project. The price includes: the plan, building permits, outdoor c utility systems, interior finish. Not included: furniture, household appliances and outdoor maintenance services. Calculation is based on the finishing materials of average class. When you know the preliminary cost of the house you can make the decision whether to build a house or not. If you have set your mind to build a house, then you should determine its size based on amount of money you expect to spend. Once the size of the house is known, you need to start developing the house plan.

The house plan

House plan – this is the most important stage in the construction of the house. It is the essence of your idea. This is a road map, and if you fail to draw right, the journey will be difficult, lengthy and expensive. Have no illusions that telling the architects how big a house you need, your work is done. Often an architect is also an artist, and therefore they can create an amazing project, but the problem is that art is costly. Therefore, when you already have the sketch of your house, start looking for a construction contractor as early as in the very first stage of project development. If you have the sketch with dimensions, you can already get the house price. It’s not even very important what type of house, frame, brick or yet another. Once the contractor is chosen, the architect can continue the work, already having the information about what kind of house it will be and what are its joints. It’s easier for the architect to work, because they can easily coordinate the joints with the contractor.

Designing cheaper houses

If you want to build a low-cost house, it is important to know that the house price mostly depends on ratio between the floor areas of house components and the total floor area. For instance, the surface area of the walls of a square-shaped building will be smaller than of a rectangular house, while the total floor area of the two houses will be the same. Cheap design – it is mathematics combined with art. You should also know that the price for the total floor area of a bigger house will be lower than that of a small house due to the above reasons, and because there are many elements in the construction of houses, the cost of which is independent of the floor area. For example, the following components: the chimney, cleaning device, borehole, fireplace and others will cost same regardless of the total floor area. From a purely mathematical point of view, it’s more cost effective to build bigger houses.

Heating system in the plan

There are two ways of construction: “cheap” and difficult or “expensive” and easy.

“Cheap” is when the person looks for small teams of builders to do separate works, and does not have the final estimate and full action plan in advance. This construction method is very common in Lithuania, so we won’t go much into detail about it; referred to as “cheap” just because it looks cheap to the future house owner until they add everything up to the overall construction cost. They also ignore their time spent for construction. Therefore, it is not even worth talking about the houses built this way to really meet the required energy class, since often it’s a medley of individual house elements, but not a house as a separate unit.

The second means of construction is when the customer works with one construction contractor for all or most of the works. It is naive to expect that employees of one company will do all the works, because to build a house you need lots of different specialists, but it is realistic, that the contractor will be able to give an estimate and a clear work plan, including the works they do not perform. For example, before an electrician placed the wires, plasterboards cannot be fixed, thus, the contractor should clearly indicate to the customer when they would need an electrician.

It is very important to verify the contractor’s competence. You can easily do so by reviewing the houses built or under construction and talking to their current and former customers.


So, the key elements of successful construction are the following:

  • a) Well-thought of budget;
  • b) Good house plan;
  • c) A competent contractor.

If you perform these works well, you’ll be enjoying a smooth and quiet building process. Best of luck in building a house!


For seven years already, UAB KARKASA has been building timber frame houses in Lithuania. We build namely this type of houses, because their construction is quick and easy, and their final cost is lower. Timber frame houses of a higher energy class cost the same as brick houses of a lower-class. It is statutory in Lithuania to build houses increasing their energy class, therefore, timber frame houses are gaining more advantage over their competitors. We believe that this particular method of construction will prevail in Lithuania in the future.

We work striving to ensure our customers the maximum of good service. To help people to build the house to the very turn-key stage, we draw up the schedules and estimates of all the works related to the house construction. We have a short-term financing programme, which makes it easier and more convenient to work with the banks. We have also gathered a reliable command of subcontractors for the works that do not do ourselves, so the customer does not need to bother themselves with their search.

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