Our History

KARKASA UAB has been actively operating since 2010. However, before establishing the company we were not new in the field of construction either; we had previously conducted business as a small team of builders, which would mostly be mounting sloped roofs and building timber frame structures. Once the company was established, we started working, under subcontracts, with bigger timber frame house construction companies that were already well positioned in the market. We started from the first stage of construction business, and we saw what could be done to improve the construction process, but to do this we needed to start working directly with customers. We entered the timber frame house construction market quickly, but not easily.

The start was not easy, as we took our first steps at low prices. Low-price strategy has been accompanied by issues, which were to be present when doing the work with little profit. We did experience certain losses due to bad estimates: insufficient materials that were also too cheap, the volume of work load poorly evaluated, employee work quality too low, but we managed to solve all the problems at our own expense and accepted it as our lesson. Yet, these problems did not break us down; they only made us stronger and more experienced. Since 2014, we haven’t gone wrong; the company is operating profitably, with annually growing volume of work. We manage achieving this by the continuously improving quality of house counstruction and maintenance services. And we attain this quality through our experience and our strive for excellence, also thanks to honest and diligent staff, the core of which consists of the old-timers working in the company since its inception.

What We Do and Our Vision

Life of the company and its employees seems to be separate only at first glance. Aware of this, we try to create such an environment for ourselves where we could realize ourselves and feel comfortable. An intelligent man who is improving himself all the time helps us attain this. The company‘s duty is to develop along, and sometimes inspire the development.

Perfection is at the core of our business and objectives – it is the company’s foundation which it stands on. It goes without saying that the timber frame house stands on our foundation with its wall structure consisting of the following values: honesty, truth and responsibility. Our roof that protects the foundation and the walls consists of profit and quality. All this combined, we get comfort and peace of mind inside the house! And all of this results in a great service, which allows the customer to build a quality house at ease.

The feature characteristic to the work of UAB KARKASA is that the company‘s staff consists of people who like doing their work. This helps us to perform our tasks well and to develop. It‘s not only the end product – the “House” – that is improving, but also the quality of service. We understand that the customer needs a house, not the construction process. Though many builders tend to think otherwise.

We improve the service quality by combining our core business, construction with constructional design, engineering networks, design and partial construction funding. That is how we are moving from “construction works” to “house construction”. Now, once the customer decides to build a house, they can directly contact us and we will design and build them a house. Moreover, as early as in the design stage, you can get the estimates and see how your decisions affect the final price of the house.

UAB KARKASA is a flexible, growing and a constantly improving company, so it is impossible to “stick“ to only one goal. As soon as we achieved it, we should be seeking another, so speaking of goals, we can name only those in the short term.

Short term goals:

So much for us and our business, and if you are reading this, we hope to see you.

Arvydas Brazulevič

Chief Executive Officer